Solomon’s Porch

February 25th, 2007

We went to Solomon’s Porch for a snack while we were waiting to see the apartment in the previous post. It’s a whole block from the house where I lived for 10 years. I don’t remember what used to be there, but it’s now it’s a cafe called Solomon’s Porch. We had an hour to kill and hadn’t eaten at all that day.
The space is small but fits a lot in. The tables seat 40 customers and another few fit on the couch. At the far wall is a performance space. That night a Haitian folk singer named Emeline Michel was performing.
Our meal was minimal, so I don’t have an extensive example of the food. I had buffalo wings, which have been my trademark meal in the last week or so. They were crisply fried and topped with a spicy, vinegary hot sauce. It left my mouth tingly and happy. My only complaint was that it only included 6 wings instead of the customary 10.
The beer selection was not so exciting, but it featured Duvel, a trappist ale along the lines of chimay.
The vibe was very casual, people hung out over cappuccinos and tapped away at their laptops and chatted with friends and spouses.
Tammi’s not sold on the apartment, but already has plans to go back to Solomon’s Porch. I enjoyed it and welcome the idea of having a place around the corner to relax on any given weekend.
Solomon’s Porch
307 Stuyvesant Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11233
(718) 919-8001

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