The Move: The Apartment Hunt begins

February 25th, 2007

This weekend Tammi and I began our apartment hunt. After 3 years together, we’re going to move in together. We’re looking to move in the next few months, so we had planned on seeing dozens of places in the next few weeks. We have pretty particular requirements, since we both want to stay in a brownstone and we want a backyard and we want 2 bedrooms.
Despite what people say about New York, the backyard isn’t so hard. Pretty much every brownstone has a garden floor with backyard access. Given about 100 houses to a block in the relatively large area of Bed-Stuy, odds are some of those are going to be for rent.
The problem is, I already live in a garden apartment. I love it. I’ve been there for more than 7 years. It’s just not big enough. We need a second bedroom. That makes things more complicated.
Most brownstones fall within the same specs. They usually have the same or similar layouts, so finding an apartment with a second bedroom is usually going to mean one of three things: small rooms, an extension on the house or a duplex.

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