The Birthday Trip: Turning 30 Abroad

February 3rd, 2007

I turned 26 on an airplane. I was going to Paris and changed planes in Amsterdam. I still haven’t seen any more of Holland than the airport, but the experience of waking up in a new country at a new age was amazing. We had an hour or two between flights, I spent it wandering around Schipol, listening to the announcements. “Flight 123 to Tehran is boarding at Gate 23.” and “Flight 987 to Dar Es Salaam, boarding at Gate 89.”
It’s one of those birthdays I still remember clearly to this day. This summer I turn 30 and would like to have a similarly new experience.
Here’s the short-ish list of places I was considering:
•Thailand & Singapore
•BeNeLux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxumbourg)
•Morocco & Spain
I think I’ve settled on Japan, a country I’ve wanted to see since I went through my anime phase around when I got out of college, 7-8 years ago. Nothing is set in stone, but that’s the plan, tentatively.
I have about a week set aside, so I’m hoping to spend most of the time in Tokyo with a couple days to see Kyoto.
I’ll be posting regularly about what I want to see, where I want to go and what I want to eat while I’m out there.


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