A Train Service Changes

March 30th, 2007

If you ride the A Train in Brooklyn, you’ve probably already know about the
construction that’s going to screw up your weekends for the next month or
Just in case you haven’t heard, here’s the deal:
There will be no train service between Utica Avenue and Jay Street. In its
place, there will be a shuttle bus running along Fulton Street – except
where there’s street construction, between Bedford and Vanderbuilt. Annoyed
yet? You will be.
The MTA recommends taking the L train from Broadway Junction into Manhattan.
Allegedly, there will be extra service to compensate. For those unfamiliar,
it’s 15 stops to Union Square.
It’s also 11 stops to Lorimer in Williamsburg. I plan to take the opportunity to check
out the newly opened Fette Sau or play video games at Barcade.
Regardless of what you plan to do, I expect to spend a lot more time in

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