LA: Oki Dog

March 21st, 2007

IMG_7717, originally uploaded by ultraclay!.

This place was totally sketchy. It’s just a little shack on Fairfax.

I had grabbed some tacos in the Farmer’s Market and was walking up towards Hollywood.

I had a Chili-Cheese dog.

The dogs were plump and juicy, much rounder than the narrow sabretts we get everywhere in New York. The cheese wasn’t the cheez whiz that you usually get, it was a thick slice of cheese wrapped around the dog. Between the heat of the dog and the chili on top, it had started to melt immediately. The cheese was gooey, but still firm enough to add a little more resistance when bitten into. The thickness added another texture to the experience. The roll was big enough to stand up to the saucy chili without falling to pieces.
So good…
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