Maui: The Makai Inn

March 24th, 2007

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Tammi and I went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving 2005. We spent a few days in Lahaina, Maui. The town was settled as whaling village, so much of it reminded me more of Martha’s Vineyard than anyplace in Hawaii. The main strip was like any ‘destination’ town, more than a little touristy, but very laid back.

The laid back vibe stretched to our accomodations at the Makai Inn, about a mile from the town center. When we got to the Inn, there was no one there. We walked upstairs to the office and it was closed. I wandered around the grounds looking for someone but the only people there were some workers cleaning the grounds. They told us to call the number on the door of the office.
The lady I spoke to said, “Oh, I left for the day. You’re in room 5, just let yourself in. The keys are in the room.” And that wasthe most we saw or heard from anyone until we checked out. It was so relaxed there.
At night the sound of the waves hitting the shore woke me up. I’m so accustomed to the sounds of the city it disoriented me.
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