Moved in, wiped out

March 25th, 2007

IMG_4555.JPGMoved out…

…and moved in.
Yesterday was crazy. It was nerve-wracking and frantic, but by the end of the day, my stuff was in our new apartment. Many thanks to my mom and our friends Dorla and Kevin who came out to help. And of course to Tammi who put up with me totally freaking out all day.
Last night, we had dinner at Chez Oskar and got very drunk. It is (was?) Brooklyn Restaurant Week, and they had a prix fixe menu. I had a great Lamb Shank for my entree along with Country Paté and Creme Caramel.
This morning we got up early and Tammi’s stuff was moved in. The place is jammed with boxes. We’ve already started unpacking, but it’s total chaos. I spent 15 minutes searching for underwear.
Sadly, instead of celebrating, I’m stuck at the office. I’m hoping for a quiet night. Tomorrow is delivery/hookup day.

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