Dispatches from the Shuttle Zone

April 23rd, 2007

This weekend the neighborhood saw it’s third weekend without A train service.
(I think the MTA does this sort of thing periodically to show us how poor service could be. )
Anyone trying to get from Utica Ave (where we are) to Jay street or anywhere between has to take a shuttle bus, braving crowds of hundreds of other passengers. You don’t quite realize how many people fit on a subway train until you try to fit them on a bus. It just doesn’t work.
We’ve detoured and worked around in order to avoid taking the shuttle buses, but this weekend there was no other way.
Shockingly, the MTA actually had their stuff together. There was an army of fluorescent-vest-clad minions doing everything they could to let everyone know where they were going. They yelled “EXPRESS TO JAY” and “ONE STOP TO JAY” and “THIS BUS ONLY GOES TO JAY STREET” over and over again. They chanted and gestured and pointed.
This didn’t stop people from running off of the bus at the last minute saying, “This _only_ stops at Jay?” and wandering around bitching that they didn’t know which bus to take.
People are dumb.
We’ve got two more weekends of this nonsense. Once it’s all done, I hope my commute gets faster. The trains have been crawling through the areas where the track work is being done.

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