Solomon’s Porch: An Eclectic Neighborhood Eatery

April 20th, 2007

(Originally posted on The Brooklyn Record):

Solomon's Porch
If you find yourself in in Bed-Stuy this weekend, stop in at Solomon’s Porch, a café, performance space and neighborhood gathering spot: It’s a solid choice for good food in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.
The menu offers food as varied as Moroccan Chicken Skewers and a Lamb and Black Bean Chili, as well as pub-food staples like Buffalo Wings, Calamari and Hamburgers. The burger isn’t worth the time it takes to cook, but the wings are terrific, fried crisp and doused with a spicy, vinegary hot sauce. My only complaint is that they serve too few of them in an order. Conversely, the Chicken Skewers were bigger than we had expected. The two skewers each carry three juicy chunks of rosemary scented chicken.
After the jump: what to drink with your poultry.
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The beer and wine list stands out in the neighborhood: Where most bodegas don’t even stock anything more exotic than a Heineken, they serve Duvel, a Belgian Trappist Ale similar to Chimay. The list is small, but contains unexpected quality.
The staff is friendly and relaxed, you should be, too. Fair warning: if you want to eat and run, you may be frustrated. Very little is quick at Solomon’s Porch; it’s a place to enjoy the company of friends, to listen to a performance or to tap away at a laptop. Plan to linger and lounge and you will have a great time.
And about those performances: They’re as eclectic as the crowd (which comprises couples in their 60′s, twentysomethings wearing college sweats, and artsy bohemians rocking faux-hawks alike). Musical offerings range from a weekly DJ who deftly mixes the soulful house with Radiohead to a Haitian folk singer to touring european soul singers.
307 Stuyvesant Ave., Bed-Stuy; (718) 919-8001
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