Kyoto Hotel Okura

June 18th, 2007

I raved about it in passing earlier, but I think our incredible hotel deserves a bit more detail.
Kyoto Hotel Okura is described in the Lonely Planet as probably the best hotel in Kyoto. I took it as hyperbole and didn’t really think about it when booking it. It seemed like a central location and the price, $172 a night was reasonable. It may be the best hotel experience either of us has ever had.

When we got in the cab from Kyoto station, the driver asked if we had been there before. I wasn’t sure why, but I found out shortly.
Getting out of the cab, I reached for the trunk to get our luggage, the driver waved me away and gestured for me to wait. Almost immediately two porters came over to greet us and unload our bags. They took us to the front desk and then led us to our room on the executive floor. Our room was huge. The window stretched from wall to wall and had a view of the entire city and the mountains on either side of it.
The best part, entirely unquantifiable, was the service. The staff was everywhere and always there with a greeting and a smile.

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