Eli Recommends: Brahma Black

October 24th, 2007

I got the following email from my world-traveling friend Eli. He just got back from Brazil and had what he calls the best beer you’ll ever drink. With a title like that, clearly I’ve got to let everyone else know about it…

“brahma black” – if you can get it on tap anywhere in nyc, i’m not sure, but ask for it. when they serve it (if they serve it the same way they serve it in brazil), the beer is essentially all head. it is creamy – it is delicious. sweet, with no aftertaste whatsoever. the brewing process uses aromatic hops, but not the other hops present in germanic beers. it is pretty amazing stuff – one of the highlights of the week in sao paulo, easily.
you had it before? let me know – i think the on tap version i had in sao paulo may have been cask conditioned….but not certain.

Thank you Eli!

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