October 25th, 2007

IMG_8732, originally uploaded by ultraclay!.

My flight to Nashville this morning went out of LaGuardia. I’ve avoided flying out of there for years. The last time I flew from there it was a schlep and a half to get home. It’s the least accessible airport in the area via public transportation. Imagine taking a bus down busy Steinway Street at rush hour just to get to the G Train. It was a nightmare.
My flight was so early this morning there wasn’t even the remote consideration of using public transportation. So I cabbed it. Turns out that it’s way easy to get to in those automobile contraptions. Seriously, I got in the cab at 6am and was checked in and at my gate by 7am. Even taking the airtrain to JFK, my preferred mode of transport, I’d still be waiting at security.
So, there you go, a life lesson. Going to the second worst airport in the entire country can actually be a bit more convenient than going to the worst. If you pay $30…


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