Chicago Calling

January 30th, 2008

IMG_2607, originally uploaded by ultraclay!.

My stopover yesterday was in Chicago. I didn’t get to see much more than a the path between Terminals B and C, but the brief visit coincides with discussions with Tammi and Dorla and Kevin about a summer trip out to Chi-Town. I have no idea if it’ll happen as we will all be in wedding countdown mode by that point, but we’ll see.
On thing I am sure of is that I am glad to have missed the weather there yesterday. With a low of 3 degrees, I can hold off for another couple months to get some deep dish pizza.
In other Chicago news, I picked up an issue of Chicago Magazine when I was there and found a piece on local Flickr photogs, including some shots by Chicago Eye, whose work I’ve been admiring for some time.


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