Pig Butchery!

April 24th, 2008

IMG_4482, originally uploaded by ultraclay!.

Tuesday night I attended a class in Pig Butchery at The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg. It was led by Tom Mylan, the butcher for Diner, Marlowe & Sons and Bonita.
A dozen of us watched as Tom dissected a 105 pound half pig into it’s various tasty cuts.
It was glorious.
When it was all done, we took turns picking out cuts to take home. The only piece left was the kidney, which was cooked right there and passed around on toothpicks.
Tom mentioned a proposed similar class butchering a lamb. I hope that happens, I’d definitely check that out.
Among us in the class was Scott Gold, author of The Shameless Carnivore, who also shot many photos of the event. I hope to see them on his site at some point. Mine are posted on Flickr, here.

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