ATL: Watershed

June 13th, 2008

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As I mentioned, before heading out to Atlanta, all my research pointed to one thing: Fried Chicken. And over and over again, I found accolades for what may be “The Best Fried Chicken Recipe” by Edna Lewis and her partner Scott Peacock. The story was familiar, I had read about them a few years back, either in Gourmet or the NY Times or both. The key is the redundancy in its preparation. It’s both brined and then soaked in buttermilk. Ms. Lewis died a few years ago, but Peacock offers it at Watershed, a restaurant made out of an old gas station in Decatur.
I had to have it.

I made reservations for Friday night from the week before. It was going to be glorious.
Now, before I go on too long, it should be clear from the photo above that I did not actually end up having Fried Chicken. Apparently this dish, that they have garnered so much press about, is only available Tuesday night (!)
Apparently, all that brining and soaking can only be begun on Sunday night. I have to say for the record that this is bullshit. I want my damn chicken.
Anyway, the food was fine. My pork chop, which I did order done ‘medium’ was a bit too rare near the bone, but that’s not surprising. My aunt found her catfish platter to be a little too underdone, but I’d never trust her judgement on such things. She prefers her food wildly overcooked.
Despite my bitterness, the Mac n Cheese was awesome. The best I had the whole time and I did actually have Mac n Cheese with nearly every meal. Theirs mixed gooey with bitter with softer ricotta-like curds.
So, there was that.


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