Citifield Eats

May 5th, 2009

After reading about all the good food that was to reside in CitiField, the new Mets stadium, I knew I was much more interested in going to a Mets game for the food than the baseball. I’m no sports fan one way or the other, but The Mets, along with the Knicks and the Rangers seem to exist solely to prove that having a big budget and a large market does not mean you won’t lose more often than you win.
Last week, Tammi and I joined a couple friends to see The Mets lose and, more importantly, to find a shorter line for Shake Shack than I can find in Manhattan. It was a success on both counts.
Tammi and I had single shack burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and an order of fries from the frites place. Given the ridiculous lines at Shake Shack, I haven’t had one of their burgers since last year. Their line at Citifield was the longest there, but still about a quarter of the size of the one in Madison Square Park. The burger was the same small, juicy patty with crisp veggies on a chewy potato roll that I know and love.
What was more surprising was that there was no line to speak of at the Blue Smoke booth. The sandwich was good, the meat had a tender flakiness to it with the tangy seasoning of the Blue Smoke rub embedded within. It was slightly dry though and could have used a spare drop or two of barbecue sauce.
The upside of the visit was that we got to eat well, but as a first foray, it only covered familiar territory. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to go again to sample the food at El Verano Taqueria, Catch of the Day by Esca’s Dave Pasternack and Mama’s of Corona, for some local flavor. On future visits, my time may be better spent exploring the other food options than watching the game.

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