New York: A Photographic Album

July 10th, 2009

If I end up a big name photographer 10 years from now, it certainly
won’t be based on my skills as a self-promoter.
I’ve been sitting on some exciting news for a while now and basically
just not getting around to posting about it.
Just a week or so after receiving my copy of the Queens International
, I got my copy of New York: A Photographic Album, which has
about a dozen of my photos in it!
The editor, Gabriela Kogan, contacted me for permission a while ago and I forgot about it.
This is the third book that has used my work. I can’t begin to describe how gratifying it is to see my images in print. Even more exciting is when I come across the books in stores. Saint Mark’s Books stocks both This New York book and
Untitled.: Street Art in the Counter Culture
, my first publication.
This makes it my favorite book store ever.

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