Kauai: Outdoorsy fun up the Wailua River

December 2nd, 2009

We certainly got our exercise in Kauai. Besides walking a few miles in our misadventures trying to get around, we also got all outdoorsy and did some hiking and kayaking.
Tammi and I joined a group and paddled two miles up the Wailua River. Then we waded chest-deep to the trail to Secret Falls.
IMG_8107 - Version 2
The hike itself was good, not too strenuous, but pretty messy, given the mud and the sloshing around. One lady went all-natural and dispensed with footwear.
Once we got up to the falls, we took it all in for a while. Tammi and some of the others in our group waded into the pool.
IMG_8045 - Version 2
The whole nature thing was more fun that I would have expected, but I don’t imagine I’ll be kayaking down the Hudson any time soon. When it was all said and done, I ached in places I didn’t realize existed.

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