Three Years on the Blog

February 3rd, 2010

Last week makes three years that I’ve been doing this blog thing. I’ve bounced from topic to topic, but I hope that over time, a general identity has come together through all my ramblings and pictures.
Looking back at the nearly 1600 posts I’ve put together over three years, I certainly see where my interests have ebbed and flowed, but I also see an underlying concept that I’ve had a hard time articulating but hope to express clearly here.
This blog is largely about the urban experience. That’s food, drinks, events and arts. Travel is that experience transported both to other cities and to the rural and suburban hinterlands. Urbanites all have to spend time outside of our chosen environment from time to time, but we don’t check our values and interests at the city limits.
In the last year, I’ve begun doing much online both blog related and not. There’s my photography, the Examiner column and my other contributions online. With so much going on, it would be easy to let the blog drop off, like so many others. But, to me all of them are interconnected. My photos have always been a prominent part of the site. Nearly every one of those 1600 posts have at least one of my photos in it. Bars and nightlife have always been a part of what this blog has been about. So has food. And travel, clearly.
There’s always more to tell and in cases where I’m telling the primary stories elsewhere, there will still be a place here for me to expound upon them.
I have a number of plans for how I want to do that and it will entirely be a matter of trial and error in seeing how it all works out.
So, as I always say, stay tuned.

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