Self-Promotion: Honorable Mention in Kodak Ektar Contest

April 20th, 2010

11A_0516 - Version 2
Back in December, while I was still in full-tilt analog shooting, I submitted the above photo of cranberries at the New Amsterdam Wintermarket to a contest on Flickr for images shot with Kodak’s low-grain Ektar film.
Recently, I was notified that I made the honorable mention list! For placing, I get my photo posted on the big Kodak screen in Times Square and 20 more rolls of Ektar film.
The film is wonderfully smooth and I enjoy using it when lighting situations allow. It’ll be great to get it for the summer time, when I hope to be spending more time outside shooting.
The official news release hasn’t gone out yet, but it was announced to the contest’s group on Flickr.
When I started posting all this Self-Promotion jazz a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t actually expected it to become a weekly thing. Here’s hoping it keeps coming!

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  1. This picture is hella awesome! Keep self-promoting. I like it!

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