Bed-Stuy: Boardwalk Empire

May 28th, 2010

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Another example of Bed-Stuy ‘coming up’ in the world is that we’re getting things like film production in the neighborhood. Over the last couple months, HBO has been filming an upcoming show called Boardwalk Empire. It’s set in Atlantic City in the 20′s, I believe, but they took advantage of the gorgeous old houses in this area.
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Mostly they’ve been filming out of a shuttered old folks home on the corner of Stuyvesant and Decatur. The building is old and beautiful, I’ve always wondered what it looks like inside. Not, I guess I’ll see it on TV one day.
_MG_5329 - Version 2
Walking past the film crews, extras and props has certainly been interesting. Some days there’s fake snow piled up, others there’s a row of antique cars. It’s been fun, to me.
Not so much for the car owners that have had another wrinkle in their alternate side parking dance with dozens of trucks and vans taking up spots up and down the blocks. Being a non-driver, that’s no big deal to me.

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