Pig to Pork: Pork Blood

May 9th, 2010

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As part of my butchery project, I attended “From Pig to Pork” hosted by Fleisher’s. There we witnessed the transition from animal to meat and the prep that takes it from the farm to our table. I’ll be posting with observations about experience both at the farm and in the shop. Just a heads up, some of the photos are pretty graphic. The point here is to appreciate the value of the process through potentially challenging images, not to gross anyone out, so feel free to skip this post if it’s not your thing.
After an animal is killed, its blood must be drained out quickly so it doesn’t clot and get in the way of the meat. Pork blood is often used for making blood sausage, so it doesn’t just get thrown away.
The roughly two quarts of blood that came out of the pig slaughtered for the pig to pork class at Fleisher’s was drained into this bowl. They stirred it constantly with sea salt in order to keep it from coagulating.
Regardless of your taste for such things, one must recognize how efficient it is to utilize as much of the animal as possible.


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