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May 7th, 2010

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It’s been a while since I’ve plugged my posts on Midtown Lunch. That’s in part because I’ve been spending a lot of time eating and writing for it instead. There have been plenty of posts, from Taco Trucks to restaurant openings and even some tasty, if overpriced meatballs. But the big news for me is that I’ve now taken over the weekly Flatiron Lunch column every Friday.
Working on the southern edge of Midtown means that I’ve got as many options out of bounds as I do within Midtown proper. I’ve posted before about wanting to go out and explore my food options further afield and this has become a great excuse to do so.
See some of what I’ve been checking out after the jump.

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I started out a couple weeks back with Waldy’s in the flower district. They’ve got good brick oven fired flatbread pizzas with some great and unusual toppings like shredded braised lamb.
Last week, I took a walk down to Curry Hill and tried out another spin on Kati Rolls, which were more like small burritos than the slim wraps I’ve gotten elsewhere.
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Today, I posted about Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, an old school Jewish Deli that’s been going strong across from the Flatiron Building for decades. Earlier this week I stopped in and had an old fashioned tongue sandwich on rye with a slather of mustard and an egg cream on the side. Yum.
The weather lately has been perfect for taking walks during lunch to try out some new options. If you’ve got suggestions for lunch between 17th and 32nd Street, let me know. I’m always looking for something new.

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