Babbo Birthday Dinner

June 7th, 2010

_MG_0307 - Version 2
I took Tammi out to Babbo for her birthday a couple weeks ago. It was
her first time there and my first time in years. It’s a pain to get a
reservation and we had dinner at 5:30pm, but the meal was amazing and
the service friendly.
It just happened to be the day I received my Canon 5D Mk II, so of
course I had to see how it did with the food porn.
After the jump, grilled octopus, soft shell crab, grilled beef tongue
and more.

_MG_0302 - Version 2
We started with chickpea bruschetta, which I ate so quickly that I had to shoot Tammi’s.
_MG_0311 - Version 2
Next up were two antipasti. First, a plate of grilled octopus, which was great, then a pair of lamb charcuterie called Armandino’s Salumi. I’m presuming they were shipped from Mario Batali’s dad’s shop, Salumi out in Seattle.
_MG_0312 - Version 2
The plate had a few slices each of prosciutto and a thicker salami-style sausage. Both tasted strongly of lamb -which I loved. Eating it make me want to try some lamb curing of my own.
_MG_0331 - Version 2
We split an order of Black Spaghetti topped with crumbles of fried salumi that were crunchy and bacon-y and amazing.
_MG_0397 - Version 2
Tammi’s entree was a pile of soft shelled crabs, mine was the grilled beef tongue.
_MG_0416 - Version 2
The tongue was a revelation. I’ve cooked and eaten tongue many times, but never like this. Braised til tender, its then peeled and grilled and cut into large meaty chunks.
The flesh was soft and tender with and intense beefy flavor. The grilling added a firmness on the exterior and a light charred flavor. This I have to try at home.
_MG_0491 - Version 2
Dessert is always Tammi’s meal more than mine. We had this chocolate cake, which was very good. For my part, prefer dessert in liquid form and I got a winner.
_MG_0496 - Version 2
The sommelier made the most excellent suggestion of this East India Solera sherry. It was dark and dense and delicious. Unlike most sherries that I find to be too strong and ‘liquor-like.’ This is more like a pork, thick and almost syrupy. Not everyone likes that texture and sweetness, but it was perfect for me.
_MG_0493 - Version 2

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  1. I’m taking the BF on his inaugural trip to NYC over the July 4th weekend. He wanted to either go to a Mario Batali or Bobby Flay restaurant. As we live in the Southwest, I suggested we go with the orange-clogged mad scientist. We’ll be going on a double date (with Sarah and her husband) to Babbo. So glad to hear you had a great time – looking forward to it.

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