Photo-Geekery: The Canon 5D Mark II

June 21st, 2010

_MG_8650 - Version 2
After nearly a year of drooling and and wishing and pining after it, I finally bought a new camera. The Canon 5D Mark II is my first digital full frame camera and it is glorious.
I know that photography is not about the tools but about the person using them. I know this. A skilled photographer can compose excellent images with a cameraphone or a pinhole camera and an amateur can spend thousands on equipment and consistently come up with crap.
That said, this thing is amazing to use, a leap forward from the Canon 30D I’ve been using for the last two and a half years. With nearly triple the resolution and an astronomical ISO sensitivity, it’s already making my most common photography subjects a breeze to capture. It’s also significantly faster, with much less of the lag in shooting.
The good news is that my posts will be prettier, the bad news is that I’ve been spending so much time shooting that I haven’t been posting. Apologies. Stay tuned, I’ll be back pretty soon with some new posts on San Francisco and the birthday meals I was treated to last week.

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