Quick Bite: Mile End’s Smoked Meat

July 19th, 2010

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I finally made it to Mile End in Boerum Hill the other day. I’ve been enamored with Montreal-style Smoked Meat since my first trip to the Great Up North in 2002.
Viande fumee as they call it in the French part of town, is easily as tender as the best pastrami in New York, but has a stronger smokiness to it and lacks the pepper crusting of a traditional pastrami.
Check out the sandwich after the jump…

_MG_8451 - Version 2
My first impression was that the sandwich at Mile End looks far too small for the $9 price point, especially when you expect the mountain of meat you get at the old-school Jewish delis in Manhattan. That said, I walked away entirely satisfied and appreciating every juicy morsel I got.
When I left, I tweeted that it was “Better than Katz!” A silly reference to an old SNL skit, but apparently it was too obscure, Mile End demurred, noting the sandwiches just are not the same thing.
I wouldn’t trade Katz’s for much of anything, but I’m very glad to have Mile End in The Better Borough.
Mile End, 97A Hoyt Street, Brooklyn. 718.852.7510

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