The Limelight Resurrected as a Mall

July 21st, 2010

_MG_5879 - Version 2
I was a lame teenager. I didn’t go to clubs or do drugs or even drink much. I spent most of my free time hanging out and wandering the city. But I certainly heard stories about Limelight, then a notorious nightclub housed in a former Episcopal church. I wasn’t religious back then either, but it always struck me as pretty ballsy.
This spring the space was reopened as a mall, much to the dismay of many a former club kid. It is a bit of a shock, but to hear some people describe it, you’d think it was a desecration of holy ground… Oh wait.
So, with no real ties to its previous incarnation, I stopped in the other day to take a look at the space. See a couple shots of the space after the jump.

_MG_5900 - Version 2
Seeing the arches and buttresses and whatnot whitewashed and surrounded by baubles and lights is a little jarring, but it’s an interesting space.
_MG_5908 - Version 2
I haven’t actually done any shopping in the ‘Marketplace” as this sort of high-end nonsense isn’t really my scene, but I’m waiting with bated breath for the first Manhattan branch of Grimaldi’s to open up there. Word is, they’re even going to be selling by the slice, unheard of in the DUMBO location.
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