Weddings: Betty & Tom

August 13th, 2010

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Since falling down the rabbit hole of being a semi-professional photographer, I’ve held wedding photography as a goal to aspire to. Over the last year as my work has improved and I have gotten much more practice covering events, so now all I need is to build a portfolio. Thankfully, my friends have, seemingly, all decided to get hitched. Earlier this year, I photographed Chris and Kim’s Wedding in Nassau and we’ve got two, perhaps three more before the end of the year. I ought to have have plenty of material to build a portfolio with before too long.
These are photos from Betty and Tom’s wedding last weekend in New Jersey. It was a wonderful time, we caught up with friends we hadn’t seen in ages and enjoyed a great Chinese banquet. I’ve never seen Betty so happy and I hope I was able to capture even a fraction of that in my photos.
See a sampling after the jump.
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