Looking To The East

September 8th, 2010

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Pretty much as soon as we got back from Hawai’i last year, Tammi and I were already thinking about where we would go for our annual trip this fall. We had been all over the place, but hadn’t really centered on anything specific until we were invited to a wedding in The Philippines two weeks after Thanksgiving.
After a good deal of budget consideration and some awesome finagling with frequent flyer miles, we managed to get everything arranged. We will be spending a week each in Hong Kong and Vietnam this fall, plus a couple days in The Philippines for the wedding.
Right now we are in the information gathering part of planning, so if you’ve been to the area and have recommendations, please chime in.
In the meantime, I expect to do as much research on Cantonese, Vietnamese and Filipino food in New York as I can. More to come.


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  1. Let me know if you like me to introduce you to my friend Ken who used to live in NY and now lives in the Kong – he’s from there originally like me… He knows all the good eats and is into photography as well so you’ll get along great!

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