Lunch at The John Dory Oyster Bar

November 16th, 2010

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Today I strayed from my path of finding Midtown Lunch priced dishes in order to partake in some deliciousness from under the sea at the new John Dory Oyster Bar at the Ace Hotel.
The meal was a splurge to be sure, but was absolutely worth it. In the name of posting this now rather than waiting to make time to bloviate about each course, I’m going to post the courses after the jump with some brief notes. Enjoy!

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I started with the live Maine sea urchin with pomegranate and black pepper. I can’t say I noticed the pepper, but the pairing of the sharp, fruity pomegranate and the uni was wonderful.
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Next was the octopus with potatoes and aioli. The octopus was the most tender I’ve ever had it. It wasn’t so tender as to become mushy, but it was soft enough to bite off a mouthful with no effort.
The tiny potatoes were swathed in the tart, creamy aioli and it all just came together.
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I finished with the lobster chowder. Rich isn’t the word to describe it. It was sweet,, salty, creamy… powerful. Ridiculously intense.
While the meal was certainly not the most filling I’ve had – certainly not for the price – I walked away deeply satisfied. I doubt I’ll be able to stop in for some uni and octopus on a weekly or even monthly basis, but when I return, I know I’ll enjoy the hell out of it.
If you’re curious about the rest of the offerings and the price tag to go with them, you can see the menu below:

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