Self-Promotion: I’m profiled in today’s NY Post @Work

November 22nd, 2010

_MG_3811 - Version 2
If you look on page 38 of today’s New York Post, you’ll find me looking back at you. I was profiled as part of their @work column in a piece about workers around town who have ‘unusual’ lunch habits, mine being seeking out new foods and restaurants for Midtown Lunch. Sadly, my photo didn’t make the web edition. I’ll try to scan it in some time today and post it.
I have to say, it was interesting being on the other side of a photoshoot. Lorenzo the photographer and I wandered back and forth through Koreatown looking for proper backdrops.
Update: See the scan of the printed version after the jump!

NY Post - @Work - 2010.11.22

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