Merry Christmas!

December 24th, 2010

Having spent most of the holiday season in Asia, it hasn’t felt a lot like Christmas to me this year. While folks have been going to holiday parties and catching up with friends, I’ve mostly been catching up on my Midtown Lunch beats, scrambling to stop in at some of my favorite places before they close up for good and hunting down Vietnamese Sandwiches like the ones I had from the banh mi carts Saigon.
But here we are, with a day left until Christmas. I’ve got family in town that Tammi and I are hosting with some seasonal touristy sightseeing and then I’ll be cooking dinner tomorrow night. With all that in mind, I’ll take my leave for the weekend and come back next week with some more observations, food and stories from Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and The Philippines.
In the meantime, please enjoy your holidays with good food and good company.

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