Vietnam: Tricia and Verona

December 31st, 2010

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When I told friends that we were going to Vietnam, more than a few of them suggested that I look into getting a suit there. In Hoi An in particular, but throughout the country, it seems, there are many accomplished tailor shops that can put together bespoke clothing within a day or two.
I don’t get dressed up very often, but having just lost a suit due to a tear while shooting a wedding, I found myself in the market. So, our first destination in Saigon was to Tricia & Verona

I read about the shop, run by two sisters while doing some background research online. They are surely not under the radar given write up I saw was in The Times, but that’s fine by me. For $300, I got a new, custom-tailored suit that fits me better than any I’ve had in years,
While we were there, I also got ordered a few shirts, picking out the fabric I wanted and requesting particular trim and such. They all came out very well.
Tammi also tried her hand at getting something made based on a picture of a coat she really liked. Unfortunately, it seems they are more skilled at men’s clothing than women’s. It didn’t really work out the way she wanted. At all. They did put a lot of effort into trying to fix it, though and the sisters and their staff were extremely friendly, so I’d definitely recommend them.


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