Cambodia: Barbecue on Pub Street

January 6th, 2011

In a town as full of tourists as Siem Reap, Tammi and I indulged in some of the typically touristy spectacle-seeking activities like the fish pedicure and eating some odd meats at a barbecue joint that clearly catered to the sensational eating crowd.
While I eat my fair share of foods that might gross some people out, I seldom engage in the bizarre foods contests that becomes more about eating weird stuff rather than food that actually tastes good. This time we figured ‘what the hell?’ Check it out after the jump.

We went with the advertised special which came with five meats including squid, beef, chicken, alligator and snake. After it was all over, I can’t say I have any strong feeling about croc or snake one way or another, it was fine.
What really interested me was the contraption that the meats were cooked on. Dome-shaped with rigid edges popping out, it covers the heat source and provides a maximum surface area for cooking.
On top, a chunk of pork fatback melted slowly keeping the makeshift griddle greased up. Meanwhile at the bottom, a reservoir catches all the juices from the various meats along with some added water and vegetables.
Halfway through the meal, the server added noodles, the drained it all into cups for us to have as soup. The combination of the flavors of all the meats and the veggies made fornone of the best tasting broths I’ve had in some time. Really good.


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