Cambodia: Street Sandwiches in Siem Reap

January 7th, 2011

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Most of the eating we did while in Cambodia was in the sit down joints up and down ‘pub street,’ the main tourist drag in Siem Reap. I didn’t get a lot of opportunity to explore the street carts offerings the way I did in Saigon. There was the lady selling those yummy sausages and someone else who I got some barbecue chicken wing nubs from, but I didn’t see nearly as many sandwich carts as I did in Vietnam.
After visiting Num Pang here in New York, I was curious to see how different the local sandwiches stood apart. I only saw one cart around where we were selling them, so of course, I tried it. Twice.

The primary meat filling wasn’t so different. He used pork belly that looked to be cured much like some I saw in Saigon. There were other similarities to the Vietnamese sandwiches, I had, but there were enough differences that made it fairly distinct to me.
First, the bread itself is longer and narrower than the more oval-shaped banh mi. I also didn’t notice any pate slathered into the sides of this sandwich.
_MG_8007 - Version 2
Inside, pickled veggies were shredded into what almost seemed like crunchy noodles and dolloped with a sweet and spicy chili sauce used, which was a big part of the flavor.


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