Vietnamese Coffee

January 18th, 2011

_MG_9599 - Version 2
One of the delicacies I read about before heading to Vietnam was the local style of coffee brewing. It’s sweet and milky and usually served on ice. I don’t really drink coffee, but I do like to at least experience distinctive foods and drinks of a place, so I tried it a few times.
Most often we got it served already ‘brewed,’ but when we went to Pho 24, we received this brewing contraption that filtered the coffee out at the table into a cup with condensed milk.

_MG_9616 - Version 2
The coffee drips through the top over five to ten minutes. Then you stir it all together and pour into a glass with ice.
_MG_9611 - Version 2
I tried it out a few times, but the intensity of the bitterness, even when chock full of sweet milk was too much for me. Tammi finds it funny that I can drink a hop-heavy IPA and love it, but coffee grosses me out. Well, I tried.


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