Analog: 1600 Speed

February 11th, 2011

When I was in Hong Kong, I picked up a roll of ISO 1600 film in the hopes of using it for some interesting shots at night at Angkor Wat. That never happened, but when I got home, I found a dark and snowy city perfect for high speed film.
The results are interesting. Being able to shoot on a gloomy, overcast day without opening the aperture all the way or having to slow the shutter down too far. Check out Analog UltraClay for more ISO 1600 shots from this roll and some others from a while back.


  1. Wow, would’ve loved to have seen great night shots of Angkor Wat, but pictures of New York City aren’t too bad of an alternative. The picture included looks great. Keep them coming. How long was your trip for?
    Also, do you have an e-mail that you can be reached at?

  2. Thanks! The photos from the roll will be going up one by one over the next couple days on my Analog tumblr blog.
    To reach me, write to photog at ultraclay dotcom or DM me on twitter (@ultraclay).

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