In The Kitchen: Valentine’s Day Dinner

February 18th, 2011

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Monday night, Tammi and I skipped the amateur night crowds of Valentine’s Day and had a nice meal at home together. I took a page from Amanda Hesser’s recent New York Times Magazine piece on the standing rib roast and decided I wanted to try it at home. the final product came out wonderfully, but that was after having to make some last minute changes.
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First, to set the mood, I picked up these lovely poppies from Kat Flower at the Brooklyn Flea the day before. I’ve long been a fan of orange and these nearly glow.
Back to the food. The recipe, from 1966, is typical of the time. There aren’t any measurements and even using a chart to let you know how how long to cook the roast, there’s no mention of the doneness that that time will yield.
This turned out to be an issue. One of the key parts of the recipe involves leaving the roast in the oven for 2-4 hours after turning it off to allow it to continue cooking and then to rest. This meant that, on faith, I allowed the roast to cook for the 25-30 minutes prescribed and left it alone.
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It’s possible that the recipe was just put together by someone who prefers their meat profoundly rare or maybe it’s one of those differences between livestock 50 years ago and now. In either case, this was much too rare for Tammi and I.
The crust on the outside was beautiful, so I carved it up, searing the insides of the ends for Tammi and cutting off a rather large steak for myself. I tossed mine in the broiler and everything was great within 10 minutes.
We ate the beef with a side of mashed celeriac and broiled asparagus. A couple days later, I broiled the nearly raw inner steak and we split it for a late dinner.

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  1. Hi,
    came across your stuff because I have a burst blood vessel in my eye. That must have been some case of the runs you had!
    Anyway some great pics of food (making me hungry) and some cool art. I saw Bob Marley in concert once in London, an inspiring man.
    I like linguine with home-made Napolitana myself, I go to the market and buy a box of over-ripe tomatoes, skin them, then make the sauce with fresh herbs, carrot, celery, capers, serve with a little grated Italian cheese and fresh ground pepper and some crusty white bread. It’s cheap, healthy, and very tasty, and though I’m not as accomplished a cook as you are, most people go for second helpings! Regards from the heart of Ireland, keep up the good work.

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