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February 11th, 2011

Gregory Porter celebrates Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocalist
It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything on Examiner. There were many technical difficulties on the site that were making it less and less worth my time. Still, I don’t want to let it fade away, so I recently got out to shoot a couple events.
Earlier this week, I shot a show by Gregory Porter at East Village club, Drom. Gregory and I know each other from the neighborhood and his brother Lloyd, the owner of Bread Stuy let us know about it. Gregory was nominated for the Best Jazz Vocalist Grammy and wanted to celebrate with a performance for friends and neighbors.

Knewdles & Sos of Misnomer(s)
The show opened with a duo called Misnomer(s), two Korean-American sisters, one a rapper, the other a violinist. Tammi and I were impressed with their performance. The music is clever and imaginative and plays with the cultural implications of the whole Wu Tang era sound, which fascinates me.
Over the weekend, I shot this year’s Donuts Are Forever party at Santos Party House. That was a great time. For all the issues I’ve had with the way Examiner is set up, part of the reason I’ve wanted to return to it is to get back to shooting music and parties. The energy of the crowd at a great event permeates the space and there’s just so much excitement in the air. It can be so much fun to shoot.
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