Barcelona: The Vila Viniteca Food Market

March 19th, 2011

As usual, I took some time while we were in Barcelona to pick up a couple bottles of wine to take home. After reading about the selection available there, we sought out Vila Viniteca in the warrens of El Born, a neighborhood we ended up wandering around quite a bit. When we got there we discovered that it was much more than a wine shop.
Turns out there are three or four different storefronts, this one, above with stacks and stacks of wine, another for private events a third that we didn’t get a good look at and a food market that captured my attention for a full half hour. Check it out after the jump.

Up front, in the window, there was bright and colorful produce that hasn’t been in season in New York for months. These heirloom tomatoes are hypnotizing. They certainly caught the eye of folks on Tumblr. I posted it yesterday on Analog UltraClay and it’s gotten more attention than any other I’ve posted. I think we’re all ready for tomato season again.
The rest of the front room was full of shelves lined with interesting delicacies and ingredients that I would have loved to explore in depth.
_MG_9249 - Version 2
Chief among them were these canned shellfish that I hear are a local specialty. It sounds a little weird, but I admit, I’m curious.
_MG_9207 - Version 2
Meats and cheeses dominate the back room. Jamon hung from the ceiling and charcuterie and quesos of all kinds decorated the rest of the space.
Acorn-fed jamon was sliced up fresh.
_MG_9212 - Version 2
Various other cured meats looked tasty too.
_MG_9225 - Version 2
Besides the cheese in that room, there’s a whole closet filled with rows and rows of more:
_MG_9242 - Version 2
Vila Viniteca, Aguilar 9, El Born, Barcelona.

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