Fatty Johnson – gone, but not forgotten

March 7th, 2011

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This weekend, Tammi and I finally got a chance to check out Fatty Johnson, the pop-up restaurant in the space where Cabrito used to be at 50 Carmine Street in The Village. This was cutting it down to the wire, as they finished up service there yesterday. The meal was great and made me wish I’d headed there earlier so I could have tried more of the food.
Check out what we had after the jump.

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There were plenty of items on the menu that I wanted to try, not the least of which were the the ham service, the deviled eggs and the wings, which tempted us to have another course as they passed by on the way to another table after we’d gotten the check.
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Tammi had the fried chicken, deboned and stuffed with ham and cheese, but still firm and covered with an awesome crunchy skin on the outside.
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I had the Big Johnson, a double cheeseburger topped with a thinly sliced pickle and idazabel raw sheep’s milk cheese.
The bread was soft and chewy, the patties, small and crisp on the outside with a juicy center. I haven’t heard much about what the Fatty crew are going to be doing with the space next. Besides tonight, that is – Fatty Crab will be squatting there for an evening as some renovations are being done to the original location. Given the good food I’ve had here in all it’s incarnations, I’ll be looking forward to checking out whatever the next thing is.

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