Quick Bite: Boqueria

April 19th, 2011

Last week, I decided to lunch splurge was in order. Ever since getting back from Barcelona, I’ve been craving a visit to Boqueria in the Flatiron District for just a taste of the deliciousness I ate while there.
It was an analog day for me, so I shot it all with a roll of Ektar, rather than my usual digital food photos. Food looks different on film versus digital. It’s something I hope to explore a bit soon, but that’s all missing the point for now. Follow the jump for the food photos.

I started out with an order of boquerones, the marinated anchovies that have become my favorite little snack of late.
I followed up with a jamon Serrano and manchego sandwich, pressed between tomato-slathered bread. It wasn’t quite as amazing at the sandwiches from Cafe Viena, but not many things in this world are.
Even better, the sandwich only cost $10, which is remarkably reasonable. It’s not a Midtown Lunch bargain, but they don’t all have to be.

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