Analog: Expired Plenachrome

May 10th, 2011

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Last month, with the return of the outdoor Brooklyn Flea, I checked in at Dan’s Parent’s House, the booth where I picked up the roll of 50+ year old Royal-X Pan film last year. Dan doesn’t trade much in film, but had a few old rolls for sale, so I snapped them up.
The photos posted above and after the jump are from a 120mm roll of Plenachrome, made by a company called Ansco. The other day, Tammi and I rode down to Red Hook to enjoy the spring weather and I figured it was as good a time as any to give this old film a try.

I have no idea how old it is, but it seemed to be up there. The documentation that came with it said that it’s ISO 50 in Daylight and 25 under Tungsten.
Seeing how fogged over the other expired film rolls I’ve shot turned out, I figured it’d need some over exposing, so I adjusted the meter on the Kiev 88 to meter for ISO 6.
I’m glad I did. Given how dark these are, I don’t think I’d have gotten a picture at all if I shot for the original ISO. I love how chunky and almost pixelated the images are. It has the same old-timey feel that the first roll of expired film I tried had.
It helps that Red Hook has plenty of old decayed subjects to shoot, like these streetcars out behind Fairway.
I got two other rolls from Dan, one was a 35mm roll of Fujichrome that expired in the 80′s. I shot it right away, but nothing came out. The other is another 120mm roll from a Belgian company that I’m awfully intrigued by. Stay tuned…

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