Hong Kong: Loon Kee Seafood Restaurant

May 2nd, 2011

At the head of Hong Kong’s Gage street, right across the street from Lan Fong Yuen tea house, Loon Kee draws passersby in with a visual siren’s song of roasted meats hanging in the window.
Behind them, men stand in the window chopping and prepping meat for customers. Their hands, shiny from the greasy skins of pork and duck and chickens, just looking at them work, going in was an inevitability, not an option.

Like Lan Fong Yuen, it caters to Chinese customers primarily and the brisk server had little patience for my poor language skills. Still, she understood when I asked for roast pig and rice that I wanted the crispy shelled, juicy roast pork and not the red cooked pork.
Crammed into a corner between lunching office drones from the business district a few blocks away, I was brought home for a moment. They chatted in the way co-workers do, the tones so familiar that I felt like I knew what they were saying even though I couldn’t understand a word.
_MG_5795 - Version 2
With few things in the world less interesting to me at the moment than office chatter, I blocked them out and looked around. Behind the nerdy IT guy, who I very well could have been on a conference call with, was half a pig.
It was great. I was certainly pulled back from the banality of the office world I left 8,000 miles away.
_MG_9917 - Version 2
Now, you’ll notice that the restaurant is called Loon Kee Seafood Restaurant. It wasn’t until my second that I even noticed the name. But when I did, I was little baffled. I didn’t see anything close to seafood on hand. Its possible that there’s an entire menu available here that I missed, but as far as I could tell, the closest thing to seafood they sold was duck. it didn’t really matter, though. They could have had aquariums full of all manner of sea creature, as long as that roasted meat hung in the window, it’s all I’d even consider eating there.


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