Malaysian Jerky in Chinatown

May 9th, 2011

Reminiscing about last year’s trip to Hong Kong inspired me to take a trip to Chinatown the other day. Wandering the area, I tried some egg tarts (more on that later), ogled markets, dodged knock off bag sellers and discovered this shop. They had me at ‘jerky!’

IMG_0087 - Version 2
As if I needed confirmation that going in was a good choice, the lady grilling up the finished products in the window told me all I need to know – this was going to be delicious.
Then, the sweet, smokey scent of it me as I walked in the door and it’s shocking that I managed stop myself from ordering a little of everything.
Really, all the options are a little overwhelming. Sheets of jerkies made from beef, pork and chicken are available in stacks by the quarter pound. I stuck with a simple small order of the spicy pork.
There are many delicious things I’d like to use these for, from putting them on homemade banh mi to slicing them up and tossing with noodles or stir fry, but to do any of that, I’d have to manage to get them home without eating them first. I ate the entire portion right out the bag, slice by slice over the next couple hours I was out and about.
Clearly, I need to spend more time exploring Chinatown for goodies like this hidden in plain sight. More to come…
Singapore Malaysia Beef Jerky Inc. – 95A Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10013. 212-965-0796

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