The Highline, Section Two opens

June 8th, 2011

_MG_4882 - Version 2
When I got the news yesterday that the second section of The Highline was open, I pretty much darted from my desk. Clearly, an extra long lunch was in order.
The design is more of the same brilliance that makes the southern part such a wonderful place to visit and has some added features including a lawn, a bleacher like seating area, and, below the north end, a food truck fueled snack bar – with beer. So, yeh, it’s pretty great.
Get a first look at the space after the jump.

_MG_4886 - Version 2
I don’t really know what this rainbow park is exactly, but I believe it’s going to be attached to the food truck space. That all opens today, so I’ll stop by soon to get a better look.
_MG_5058 - Version 2
There’s another street overhang on 25th Street (I think) that let’s you look down on the traffic below.
_MG_5092 - Version 2
I was, of course, not the only one with a camera out. One of the things I love about The Highline is that there are so many other people taking pictures at any given time, I never particularly stand out when I’m photographing up there.
_MG_5247 - Version 2
A lawn elevated a couple stories up is a little surreal, especially when trucks are passing underneath, but it looks like a fantastic place for a picnic.
_MG_5276 - Version 2
Right next to the lawn you’ve got this bleacher seating (stationed under this great old REVS COST piece) that also looks totally comfortable and a great place to spend an afternoon.
_MG_5310 - Version 2
The one vendor in the new section (so far) is La NewYorkina, a cart selling Mexican ice cream pops.I didn’t get to give them a try yet, but with the heat we’re expecting this week, I’m sure they’ll do a brisk business.
_MG_5315 - Version 2
The space widens and narrows and in areas makes you feel like you’re a hundred miles away from the city below. I could keep gushing, but you really just have to see for yourself. Check out the rest of the photos on Flickr.

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