Kitchens: The Chef’s Counter at La Lunetta

July 13th, 2011

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After the Bastille Day fun on Sunday, Tammi and I had dinner at Lunetta, the wonderful Italian restaurant that happens to sit on the site of our first date, those many years ago. By chance, we managed to get a seat at the Chef’s counter in the back. Whether it’s at the counter at Osteria in Philly or at Cal Pep in Barcelona or I’m just watching demos at The Astor Center, I love seeing – and photographing professionals working in a kitchen. I’ve been doing more of it lately for some projects I don’t think I can talk about just yet, but I take every opportunity to shoot in kitchens and this was no different. Check out the photos, including a rather dramatic flare-up and some delicious food after the jump.

We started off with an octopus antipasti, which was pretty fantastic. I’m always a fan of the firm but soft texture of octopus. Unlike so many other preparations, this wasn’t grilled and instead was part of a salad with a light, creamy dressing over it.
We also had an order of tasty meatballs that I didn’t take enough time to get a photo of before digging into.
_MG_6137 - Version 2
For a good couple hours, we sat there talking to the folks working in the kitchen and the other couple sitting at the counter, who made the great recommendation that we get the special of the night as they did – the fried chicken:
The chicken was amazing, crispy and juicy and made all the better by the sweet balsamic sauce with soaked raisins and dried fruits. It didn’t quite cover everything, but gave just enough sweetness and stickiness to make it really, really good.
_MG_6142 - Version 2
We also had an order of pasta carbonara that was just delicious. It was the first pasta I’ve had in ages and I have to say, it was deeply satisfying.
Rather than come up with nonsense to say for the rest of the post, I’ll let the photos say the rest, starting with the aforementioned flare up. Enjoy!
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_MG_6281 - Version 2
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La Lunetta, 116 Smith St, Brooklyn. 718.488.6269

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