Finding Halloween candy with Eat This NY

October 31st, 2011

Brian Hoffman, a fellow contributor to Midtown Lunch, hosts regular videos on his site, Eat This NY. The other day, I joined him to film his Halloween video, which profiled artisanal candy shop, Papabubble. It was my first time seriously shooting video and thus quite a learning experience. We also got to geek out watching them create some of the unique handmade candy right on site.
As I’m incapable of watching people work with food without photographing them, of course I took a few stills along the way. Check them out after the jump.

Just past the cashier, papabubblers(?) roll and pull still warm candy.
_MG_3356 - Version 2
They came out into this long candy rods, each a foot or two long.
_MG_3420 - Version 2
With what looks like a paint scraper, they chipped off piece by piece of custom made candy.
_MG_3388 - Version 3
These were a special set being put together for Barney’s.
_MG_3363 - Version 2
The back of the shop looked like a mad scientist’s lab with all the beakers and funky tubes and such.
After it was all over, I took home a souvenir of Mexican candy that’s both spicy and sweet.

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