Lima: The Tasting Menu at Astrid y Gaston

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October 24th, 2012

Since we’re going back to South America, I’ve decided to go back to some of the stories I forgot to tell about last year’s trip.
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Last year, as soon as we decided to spend time in Lima while in Peru, I began hearing about all the food options. And at the center of any food conversation about Lima is Gaston Acuria. The defining chef of Peru, Acuria’s flagship restaurant is Astrid y Gaston, which happened to be just a couple blocks from the apartment in Miraflores where we stayed.
On our first night in town, we showed up at their door and managed to get dinner at the bar, where we ordered the tasting menu. A few hours and twelve courses later, we
Finished one of the best meals I’ve had… Pretty much ever. I won’t claim to remember exactly what every course was 7 months later, but you can see a good deal of it after the jump.

_MG_3284 - Version 2
I wasn’t the only one with his camera out that night.
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And then it was all gone…
Twelve courses later... at Astrid y Gaston. #Lima #Peru #travel

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