Lima: Brunch at La Mar

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November 13th, 2012

We’re just days away from our trip to South America and the first real meal we have there will be brunch this Saturday. I know exactly where I want to go.

After Tammi headed back to New York, I still had a day or two left in Lima before heading to Buenos Aires. Having loved all the ceviche I’d had so far, I sought out more, this time at Gaston Acuria’s La Mar.

Mouth-puckeringly tart deliciousness ensued – along with some surprising cocktails to accompany it, like the Bloody Lorcha, above. It’s a pisco-based Bloody Mary filled with scallops that had been soaked in liquor. Wow.

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For my first day alone on the trip, the familiar sight of a full house of brunchers made this Brooklynite feel at home.

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Cocktails are always a great part of brunch, but I hadn’t expected such an original variety.


I sat at the bar and watched as the bartenders put together some really cool and strange looking concoctions. .

Leche de Tigre! #cocktails #Lima #Peru #travel #Foodspotting

The biggest find for me was the Leche de Tigre – the citrus mix that is used to cure the fish is repurposed for drinks. A month later, when the New York branch of La Mar opened, I was disappointed to find that this wasn’t available in cocktails as it was in Lima. I’m sure the New York Health Department has something to do with that.

_MG_5991 - Version 2

The ubiquitous chicha morada was also punched up, of course. By this point though, I’d switched to beer, I had the day ahead of me, I couldn’t swing more than a couple cocktails.

_MG_5769 - Version 2

I ordered the ceviche sampler, featuring five different varieties.


Over a year later, I certainly can’t rattle off which was which, but looking at these pictures, I can tell you I’m looking forward to the opportunity to return next week.

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